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World Voice Day: 16th April every year


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The British Voice Association's contribution to World Voice Day 2019

Copng with Colds (leaflet cover)

World Voice Day is on April 16th and the British Voice Association has added to its collection of information leaflets in honour of the occasion. The title of the 2019 leaflet is “Coping with colds: a guide to voice care during upper respiratory tract infections”.  We cannot prevent colds, or upper respiratory tract infections as they are known in medical terminology, but there are things we can do to reduce the symptoms and to make sure we recover as quickly as possible. We hope this leaflet will be useful for the general public and for professionals working with voice disorders.  The leaflet will be circulated to our membership towards the end of March and is also be available to download from our 'Free resources' page.

World Voice Day is about celebrating healthy voices so BVA would also like to encourage the membership to find ways to educate the public highlighting the importance of voice in our lives. Everyone needs to be heard and everyone needs to know what to do if their voices let them down. We are therefore sending out our usual guidelines with tips on activities you can do to spread the word about keeping voices healthy. We know that pressures of NHS work can make it difficult to find the time to arrange and take part in World Voice Day events. However, we hope you will look at the suggestions below and find something, however small, that will contribute to the World Voice Day message.  If you need further inspiration have a look in our World Voice Day archives to see what others have done over the years. World Voice Day still needs your support!

We would really like to know about the events you are planning and how they are received by the public. Please send us a short narrative about your event to go on our website to inspire others. If you decide to send us pictures, please send them as separate JPEG or JPG files. Images embedded in emails or other documents may not be of high enough quality to be reproduced on the website or in the Newsletter.  To ensure your photos are of the right quality for publication the image dimensions should be a minimum of 2048 x 1536 pixels (3.1 megapixels).

You can check the pixel resolution if you are using an Apple Mac or Windows computers or tablet as follows:

  1. access the location where the image files is saved
  2. Right-click (for Windows) or ctrl-click (for Apple Macs) then click on properties
  3. Then click on ‘Details’ tab
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If you are using a smart phone there is no simple way to check the pixel resolution as each different device will have a different way of storing the information. We suggest you check the manual or search for the answer on-line.


What can you do to raise awareness of World Voice Day?

Please think about what you could do locally to celebrate World Voice Day...

  • Look at the BVA website and you will see reports about things others have done in our World Voice Day archives. It does not matter if activities are repeated.
  • Maybe you could contact your local radio station or newspaper to make them aware of World Voice Day and why voice is important. Some of you may be willing to give an interview or write a short piece about the importance of maintaining a healthy voice.
  • If you are a social media user, make sure you post, blog and tweet about your WVD activities, even if it’s only to say that April 16th is World Voice Day!
  • If you (or any colleagues) have been involved in singing or voice related projects with your clients please consider contributing a short report on your findings for the website.
  • Distribute the BVA's World Voice Day poster

Adobe Reader (icon) Download a copy of the World Voice Day poster here


Voice Clinics and World Voice Day

It is always great to encourage family doctors (GPs) and the general public to know about the existence of Voice Clinics, what they offer and how to patients can be referred.

  • Could you organize a Voice Clinic 'open day' for GPs and the general public at your hospital?
  • Alternatively, you could give a short presentation about the work of the Voice Clinic to your local GPs at one of their study days. Ask the local GPs and find out who organizes their study days, and see what you can arrange.

The GPs are a significant force in the local allocation of NHS budgets in the UK, so it is more important than ever that they know about the work of Voice Clinics and understand how important voice and communication are to their patients.


Possible Interview Topics

Here are some possible topics to give you ideas for interviews if you decide to approach the media to publicise World Voice Day. The main message to get across is that voices are amazing; where would we be without them? They are the most important tool for communication we have and there are lots of things you can do to keep them healthy. Please also encourage people to visit the BVA website for further information.

  • What do we mean by voice? (e.g. how it makes speech/song/emotional utterances audible for the listener to hear)
  • You might briefly want to mention how the voice works
  • Talk about how amazing voice is (e.g. it can fill a huge a concert hall yet the vocal folds are roughly the size of a postage stamp)
  • Consider things you would find hard to do WITHOUT your voice, (e.g. work, social life, personal relationships, etc)
  • Talk about ideas for keeping your voice healthy and building vocal skills (look on the British Voice Association  and the other World Voice Day websites for ideas – links for the additional sites are at the foot of this page)
  • Advice on how to recognize vocal problems and what to do if worried (e.g. any change in voice quality lasting longer than 2 weeks needs to be discussed with the GP/ENT surgeon)
  • Talk about what is involved in a Voice Clinic
  • Talk about how voice therapy can help, what it involves
  • Refer people to the British Voice Association website for further information and a list of UK Voice Clinics
  • If you have willing patients who benefited from help, you might want to ask them to come with you and tell their story.

Useful Websites

World Voice Day is celebrated internationally – search 'World Voice Day' to discover all the different content online.


Adobe Reader (icon) Download a copy of these guidelines as a PDF document


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