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Craig Antony LeesFor performers and professional voice users, the British Voice Association provides a unique network of support and provision. Linking world-class professionals, working across multiple disciplines, the Association strives to provide education and assistance to those whose voice is their most valuable tool. This includes advice on vocal technique, performance, technology and all aspects of vocal health and hygiene (both physical and emotional).

Craig Antony Lees
Vocal Coach, Arranger, Choral Leader

Vocal warm-up video

As part of the Association's contribution to World Voice Day 2017, Rebecca Moseley-Morgan MA; professional singer, teacher, director and conductor and Chair of the Association’s Education Committee produced this short video in which she explains why a warm-up is essential for any singer and particularly for the older singer. She also demonstrates her own warm-up exercises with the help of some of her students. (Video editing by Benjamin Edmonds).


Free voice care literature

The British Voice Association publishes voice information and care leaflets to coincide with World Voice Day (April 16th each year). Individual copies can be downloaded free as PDF files and we can also supply leaflets in printed form (please email us with your requirement).

In this section our plan is to provide helpful information about a range of voice conditions and issues. For example, we hope to be able to help you understand what a diagnosis means, how it might affect you, how problems arise, the treatments available and ideas for you, so you can help yourself as much as possible.


The Voice & Ageing (leaflet cover)

The Voice & Ageing: Maintaining a healthy voice in later years

The physical changes of ageing eventually affect us all. They are manifest throughout the body, including the larynx – your ‘voice box’. The age at which deterioration becomes noticeable and the degree of change varies a lot from person to person. Some people are ‘old before their time’; while others appear to stay younger longer.

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Difficult Vocal Problems (leaflet cover)

Difficult Vocal Problems: Cysts, Sulci, Scarring

This leaflet focuses on less common vocal problems such as vocal fold cysts, sulci and scarring, the effect these problems have on the voice, and how they are diagnosed and treated, and can be used by voice clinics, speech therapy clinics, our membership and members of the public. We hope they will be useful to anyone who may have received such a diagnosis.

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The effects of stress and emotion on the voice (leaflet cover)

The effects of stress and emotion on the voice

It is often a shock to be told that nothing is physically wrong with the voice when the symptoms sound and feel severe to the patient. It can be hard to understand and believe, especially when the specialist explains that the voice problem is likely to be stress related. So why does emotional stress affect our voices and how can this be treated?

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Singing is good for you! (leaflet cover)

Singing is good for you!

This leaflet looks at how and why singing is good for health and wellbeing and the research evidence that supports this. It forms part of our contribution to the 2014 World Voice Day celebration of healthy voices.

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Muscle Tension Dysphonia

Muscle Tension Dysphonia

Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) is a term used to describe vocal symptoms, such as hoarseness or discomfort, that develop from the way in which the voice is habitually used in speech or singing. This leaflet tells you more about how and why this voice problem can develop, outlines the most common treatments to resolve it and provides suggestions to help you reduce the chance of it developing or relapsing after treatment.

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Valuing Voices (leaflet cover)

Valuing Voices

We all value our memories. Many of us capture special memories in photos and video, sharing these with our friends and family. But, how many of us record the voices of those who are special to us? This year we are promoting the idea of creating a personalised "audio album" to mark World Voice Day to highlight the emotional and social importance of the human voice.

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Reflux and your Voice (leaflet cover)

Reflux and your Voice

Stomach juices are made up of strong digestive acids and enzymes. It is not uncommon for acids to travel from the stomach and up the gullet (oesophagus) causing the symptoms of indigestion (heartburn). This process is referred to as gastro-oesophageal reflux (GOR).

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Paralysed Vocal Folds and Voice (leaflet cover)

Paralysed Vocal Folds and Voice

A paralysed vocal fold (or cord), also often referred to as a vocal fold palsy, occurs when the nerve to one (or both) of the vocal folds cannot function. Nerves conduct electrical ‘messages’ or impulses from the brain to muscles so that they contract to make movements. If a nerve does not function, the muscles are not activated and lose their ability to move.

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Children get vocal nodules too! (leaflet cover)

Children get vocal nodules too!

Vocal nodules can appear in adults and in children. While our leaflet "The Truth about Vocal Nodules" aims to provide information for adults with vocal nodules, this second leaflet is aimed towards providing guidance and support for parents and teachers of children who develop vocal nodules.

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Voice disorders and the workplace (leaflet cover)

Voice disorders and the workplace: an occupational hazard?

An occupational voice disorder is one that develops as a result of the amount or type of voice use required to do your job. It may also be related to vocal irritants in the work environment or a combination of these factors.

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Dealing with dysphonia  (leaflet cover)

Dealing with dysphonia – a luxury or a necessity?

Losing your voice is no joke! Did you know that approximately a third of people working in the UK today depend on their voices to do their work? People like teachers, doctors, lawyers, call centre workers, sales staff, singers and actors.

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The truth about vocal nodules (leaflet cover)

The truth about vocal nodules

A diagnosis of vocal nodules often drives fear into the heart of a singer or actor, but is their fearsome reputation justified? Our leaflet summarises some of the issues associated with Vocal Nodules and provides help, guidance and the reassuranceare that a diagnosis is not likely to end your career!

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Tune in to your voice (leaflet cover)

Tune in to your voice

Directed at those who are concerned about changes in their own voice.

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Tune in to your child's voice (leaflet cover)

Tune in to your child's voice

Directed at parents who are concerned about changes in their child’s voice. We are grateful to Lesley Cavalli, Specialist SLT at Great Ormond Street Hospital for her assistance with this leaflet.

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Take care of your voice (leaflet cover)

Take care of your voice

Simple but valuable tips for taking care of your voice – a most valuable resource.

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