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What is World Voice Day?

World Voice Day is celebrated annually on 16th April. The idea began in Brazil and then spread to the USA and all around the world. The idea is to celebrate healthy voices and highlight the importance of voice at work and in society.

The BVA Contribution for 2012
Paralysed Vocal Folds leaflet-Thumbnail This year the BVA had a number of contributions in celebration of World Voice Day. Another of our popular Voice Information leaflets was created, this time on vocal fold (cord) paralysis, its effect and treatment. It is hoped these leaflets will be a useful downloadable resource for Voice Clinics and Speech Therapy Clinics.

Adobe document - icon You can download a PDF copy of 'Paralysed Vocal Folds and Voice' here

News of other activities for World Voice Day 2012...

The BVA also designed a questionnaire for Speech Therapists and Voice Clinic teams to give to their voice patients. The purpose of the questionnaire is to track the various voice patient pathways as they move through the NHS system, from the GP to the general ENT Department, Speech and Language therapy Department or Voice Clinic. In this way national data can be collected to support continued funding of our voice clinic services by providing the evidence that patients prefer them and that it is an efficient and cost effective way to treat voice patients.

We have also included a record form for the Voice Clinic teams in order to collect data on diagnostic changes that may occur as a result of the Voice Clinic examination. It is hoped this data will support other studies that suggest that the Voice Clinic examination provides greater accuracy of diagnosis. This idea came out of our 'Voice Clinics Forum' which took place in November 2011 and what better task for WVD than to support our Voice Patients Services! The questionnaire and datasheet together can be downloaded with the relevant guidelines below:

Adobe reader - icon Download Voice Clinic questionnaire

Adobe reader - icon Download Voice Clinic questionnaire - guidelines for use

Adobe reader - icon Download World Voice Day initiative - data collection sheet

Adobe reader - icon Download World Voice Day initiative - diagnosis

2012 is, of course, the year of the London Olympics and our President Elect, Kim Chandler, organised an event for WVD called the "Vocalympics" to celebrate the astonishing feats our vocal folds are capable of and have actually achieved. Finally, for those who took part in last year's questionnaire, the results of the data gathered here in the UK and also in Malta can be viewed by clicking on the link below (data from other centres are still being analysed).

Download Questionnaire findings (Excel spreadsheet)

As always, we are hoping our members will want to become involved in highlighting the important of voice and the effects of voice disorders. If you would like ideas please see the guidelines below and have look at the report of activities that took place in 2011.

Once WVD is over, please send us information, reports and photographs about your events to put up on the website. Hopefully they will inspire others to try things next year. Please send your material to: Do remember to take a look at the American WVD site for fresh ideas and to see what they have planned for this year once it is available. The link is available below.

Let’s hope we have another successful and fun World Voice Day.



What can you do to raise awareness of World Voice Day?
Please think about what you could do locally to celebrate World Voice Day. Look on the BVA website and you will see some reports about things others have done in 2009 and 2010. It does not matter if things are repeated. Maybe you could contact your local radio station or local paper to make them aware of World Voice Day and why voice is important. Some of you may be willing to give an interview or write a short piece about the importance of maintaining a healthy voice.

Voice Clinics and World Voice Day
It is always great to encourage GPs and the general public to know about voice clinics, what they can offer and how to refer patients to them. Please consider whether you could organize a voice clinic "open day" for GPs and the general public at your hospital. Alternatively, you could give a short presentation about the work of the voice clinic to your local GPs at one of their study days. Most GPs have regular monthly study days. Ask one of your local GPs who organizes these and see what you can arrange. In view of the new government plans to put GP’s in charge of the NHS budget, it is more important than ever that they know about the work of voice clinics and understand how important voice and communication are to their patients.

Possible Interview Topics
If you decide to approach the media to publicize World Voice Day, below are some possible topics to give you ideas for interviews. The main message to get across is that voices are amazing; where would we be without them? They are the most important tool for communication we have and there are lots of things you can do to keep them healthy. Please also encourage people to visit the BVA and Voice Care network websites for further information.

  1. What do we mean by voice? (e.g. how it makes speech/song/emotional utterances audible for the listener to hear)
  2. You might briefly want to mention how the voice works
  3. Talk about how amazing voice is (e.g. it can fill a huge a concert hall yet the vocal folds are roughly the size of a postage stamp)
  4. Consider things you would find hard to do without your voice, (e.g. work, social life, personal relationships etc)
  5. Talk about ideas for keeping your voice healthy and building vocal skills (look on the BVA and Voice Care network websites below for ideas)
  6. Advice on how to recognize vocal problems and what to do if worried (e.g. any change in voice quality lasting longer than 2 weeks needs to be discussed with the GP/ENT surgeon
  7. Talk about what is involved in a voice clinic
  8. Talk about how voice therapy can help, what it involves
  9. Refer people to the BVA and Voice Care Network websites for further information and voice clinic lists
  10. If you have willing patients who benefited from help, you might want to ask them to come with you and tell their story.

Useful Websites


Thank you for supporting World Voice Day 2012


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